Might I Just Add...

I cannot BELIEVE they picked that goon Vincent over Allison. I'm in shock. I was screaming (ok. not really SCREAMING. Just like a scream w/the volume turned WAY down- it's 11pm, I've got kids in bed ya know!) at the television. I cannot BELIEVE they voted her off. Just don't know if I can watch it anymore. -sniff-

Well... you know I *WILL* because I've got to see Michael win it now. And the punk dude just needs to go. Like YESTERDAY. I was over his lip a long time ago. What a whiner. And Laura...hmmmm. That lady is the cheshire cat. I sometimes like her- she's talented- but NOT trustworthy or kindhearted. Although I love how she lost it on Vincent. lol. Couldn't help it. Oh man, I'm just SERIOUSLY bummin. Over a show. Over a girls broken dream of winning the show. I hope she makes it big ALL on HER OWN. ..still...Just bummin'.

Anywho... this just DOESN'T help the balance thing AT ALL.


barbr said...

I know ! I was rooting for Allison. How could they forget all her previous great designs and good team attitude, and pick whiney gross creepy vincent? Even Dh was mad!

Christy said...

Hey chickie! Can you believe I STILL have yet to watch this show? One of these days I WILL... I'm determined! Even so, I'm sorry to hear that your girlie didn't get picked... such a bummer. She is SO cute, she is! Wish I had her bod... and those gorgeous blonde locks... adorable! Someone is bound to snatch her up - she just has that look, ya know what I mean jellybean? Okay, ending this now before it becomes another freakin' e-mail, lol! Love you!

Court said...

I love Jeffrey LOL
But I am kind of punk rock at heart. Hate his attitude tho but can't stand laura's even more.

Her whole "it's a slippery slope to sweatpants and minivans" comment made me so M-A-D!!!

Hugs for the praise on my layouts.
you are the best :)