Ok....first, it's Friday! WOOT!
Got up, fixed the kids pancakes- ate my eggs and drank my water!
Took the kidlets to a few garage sales..didn't find much but it was still nice. Gorgeous weather- not too hot and a slight cool breeze...very,very nice! Especially with an iced coffee in hand, browsing through other peoples JUNK and watching my kids ooh and ahh over other peoples JUNK! lol.

Saw an old friend from high school again--hardly ever run into her anymore- so it was nice! Chatted for a bit, browsed through HER junk (lol), made a stop at 7-11 and got a BIG GULP (ahhhhh.) Then, as we were heading home we noticed they're putting up our new sign at church!! The kids made it even more fun-- they noticed first (our church bought an old Walmart building and have been remodeling and the kiddies love watching the changes) and started shrieking and saying "Oh my word! Oh my word! LOOK!" Their enthusiasm is so infectious!! I wish I'd had my camera....perhaps I'll update later...

Came home, checked my email and my Ebay listings and did a chairdance. Yep. I did. You see, I found these hot rollers/curlers recently that apparently are a HOT thing on Ebay right now. I found 'em at my local thrift store for $4. They've got 2 days left and they're at $53!!!! I'm SO thrilled! LOVE when I get a doozy like that. LOVE IT.

Even though I have dishes in the sink and laundry to be folded...I'm anxious to create some scrapbook pages. I don't want to work, I want to PLAY! The reason I'm so psyched is I had an epiphanous moment last night! It was 12:47am and I was in bed. I had just thumbed through a new issue of a magazine and then got ready to go to sleep. I started praying- just thanking God for my life and getting me through recent trials. And when I said "Amen." I just felt WIRED. Wired with overflowing thoughts and ideas for scrapbook pages.

This has NEVER happened to me. I was just complaining day before yesterday to a girlfriend and fellow scrapper, that I have to be inspired by something I see and then I'll get an idea. But I *NEVER* get ideas out of the blue. I don't keep an idea book handy at all times because it wouldn't get used! lol. But last night- I couldn't write fast enough. Couldn't sketch fast enough. I hadn't been thinking about scrapping or looking at a scrap related mag--it was just completely out of the blue! It was the most amazing, happy feeling! My eyes couldn't stay open anymore, but I had the BIGGEST smile on my face as I laid down my pen and paper and turned out the light.
Thanks, God. I *really,really* needed that!


Sue said...

We saw the sign last night too and had that reaction, "Dave look! OOO!" It looks awesome. It was all lit up. :)

Christy said...

Dude, your post is making me smile BIG! Hooray for fun garage sales. And new church buildings. And making a nice profit on e-bay. And an epiphany of inspiration! Happy, happy, happy for you girlie! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend... love you!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Wow... that is so great! I love it when inspiration just hits like that... can't wait to see the results?!!? (Hint, hint?!)