We just got back from a great weekend of camping! Went up to Sunnyside with Robert's mom and stepdad and then Sue, Dave and their boys! From Friday night to late this Sunday afternoon.... very,very fun!
We got our tent set up despite the hardest ground known to man, and ate yummy food, talked, laughed, watched the kids run around and eat WAYYYYY too many smores... AND we spent LOTS of time on Robyn and John's boat! That was a BLAST. The kids loved it. WE loved it. They bought an inflatable "jet ski" to tow behind the boat and we took turns flying around on that...LOADS of fun! We discovered along the trip, that Pepper does not take kindly to gently winding country roads OR boat excursions. He gets motion sickness! He threw up in the CAR, he threw up in the BOAT... ugh. It wasn't TOO bad but gross, nonetheless. And he was just miserable, poor pugster. He enjoyed the boatride until we got to driving all wild and crazy, so whoever was being towed could get a good ride. His poor little eyes were half mast and a little frown on his mug! lol. Sue told me there's dramamine for dogs! We'll have to try that sometime! lol.

The rest of my little brood is taking a short siesta. I'm happy to be home and anxious to get unpacked and relax. Flowers need watering. Need to do some scrapping. Need a shower. Need shampoo. Need pumice stone for poor summer flipflop feet! Ahhhh....so happy to be home!!!
More camping pics to come...


autum said...

It looks like a beautiful place, the water is such a pretty color. Your little ones are so cute, even the poor little motion sick pug.

Christy said...

Hey girlie! So glad you're back - missed you! Is that weird... even though we live MILES apart? I guess just knowing you're no where near your 'puter just makes me miss ya even more than I already do. I know, I'm a dork, lol! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend! Sorry to hear about the sick pupper dog - poor thing... poor YOU! I'll write soon. LOVE YOU!!!

Court said...

oh girl - my summer feet are so BAD. Really need that pumice stone :) LOL

Looks like it was a fun time for everyone!