Feeling better...

I'm trying to find some peace in all the craziness right now. Woke up this morning feeling more serene and rested. Took the kidlets to the store first thing, for breakfast and lunch stuff. Then we stopped at a church rummage sale. Oh my- there's nothing like a little RUMMAGE therapy! lol. I completely SCORED at this little sale! I got 2 pr. Hanna Andersson bike shorts, an adorable CAKEWALK dress, a pair of OILILY/CAKEWALK Wizard of Oz pants AND a pair of pinstripe GAP trousers all for 50 cents! I left there positively GIDDY! Everything but the GAP trousers (mine) were in Josie's size. SCORE!!!

LOVE excellent little unexpecteds like that...one of my favorite things!

Then I came home. And as I scowled, driving through all the construction trying to get home. I looked to my left and saw my home. And despite the lawn needing mowing desperately and weeds trying to rule the world- it was such a cute, comforting site to me! Despite being surrounded by loud, obnoxious machinery and mounds of dirt, piles of torn up concrete and stacks of pipes... there sat my cheerful little abode all light and bright. Even though it's not my dream house. Even though it's on the "wrong" side of town from the fire station. Even though it has issues- it's still a great little place. It makes me happy that we found it when we did. That we've turned it into our "own" until we can buy our own place. Granted, we're still looking for another rental- but I'm not DESPERATE to get out of here. I know the next "perfect" place for us will turn up when it's supposed to. And until then... this is home and I enjoy it.

ANYWAY..it's just a welcome peaceful site and thought during a rough spot. I *love* the arbor we have now! My in-laws gave us that and I'm thrilled! Such a nice touch to our front walkway.

I'm off to make dinner! We're having chicken alfredo with mushrooms, french bread and salad! Mmmm~


danielle said...

Sounds like a pretty good day for you. I too love rummage sales but never seem to make it to any. And your dinner sounds perfect. tfs Danielle

Court said...

can i come over for dinner. YUM
and all hanna anderson, cakewalk for 50 cents. YOU ROCKED the rummage sale for sure!!! ooh Oilily is my favorite of all times. I have one purse from there and i CHERISH it :) forget dooney, coach or louis I LOVE OILILY.

shirley said...

dinner sounds yummy!!

Love the photos! What a great buy at the GAP!!

Christy said...

Awww, I'm so glad things are looking up for you girlie! Such awesome finds at the rummage sale - YAY YOU! Did I ever tell you the story 'bout how I got the flu *right* after eating chicken alfredo? Yep, it TOTALLY ruined it for me... haven't touched it since, lol! Ken LOVES it and the only time he gets it is if we go out to eat. I refuse to make it at home, lol! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! LUB YOU!!!

McKenna's Blog said...

Sarah.. I'll come bringing muffins and tea...or starbucks...Michelle
(from hcts)