This weekend was nice.
The weather was unbelievable!
And I awoke this morning to more of the same, so my spirits are lifting.

Motivated by the mile-long TO DO list... to get our little place in tip top shape.
Happy to have all the windows flung open wide and SMELL Spring in the air.

Wondering how much longer they'll do this. Naturally, sweetly, protectively...
It makes my heart melt. And makes me a little sad, because I know it won't be long before they don't just happily walk down a path, hand-in-hand, no embarassment or care to be had.

We went to the park this weekend...and so did everyone else.

There was a gentleman with a monkey there...both watching the kids on the monkeybars... ironic.

Random pose.

NO more computer for me, 'til the sun goes down!!
We're cranking the classics of Bach and Mozart- doing school and scrubbing this joint DOWN!
Happy Monday!

P.S. Feel better soon, Nanny/Mama! lots of XOXOX


'm' said...

i'm tryin' sweetie...you an' i got some tip toein' thru the tulips to do! thought i was doin better yesterday afternoon...then took a bad turn. love you xoxo

Christy said...

Such a GORGEOUS park...great shots, S! I love the little monkey...sweet! Sounds like a fun day...well, besides the scrubbin', that is! Have a great one girlie! :) xxoo