Kiwi love.

We bought a bag of Kiwi fruit recently and it's been delish!
Matthew ate his in seconds and Josie nibbled hers into shapes before consuming them entirely.
I love this time of year-- the produce starts rolling in and just keeps coming through Summer. We've already had some tasty strawberries & asparagus (!!!).

More later...just had to post the green goodness. Especially the kiwi'shroom!


Julee said...

Mmm, I love kiwi!
Even though I don't always post a comment, I wanted to tell you that your blog is a bright spot in my day! You are such an inspiration to me, your passion for life and for motherhood is such a blessing to me!

Brooke said...

Hi! Thought I'd stop by and answer the question you left for me on my blog-thanks for visiting!
The birdcage print is a tote bag by Danica Studio. I couldn't find the tote online, but they have other things available in the same print (aviary). Here's a link to some of their fabric napkins:

Christy said...

Kiwi...yum! My girls refuse to eat this schtuff...even my fruity piggy, Kaylee. I think it must be a wee bit on the sour side for 'em. LOVING all your pics, S! xoxo