We opted for the library & the park yesterday vs. Spring Cleaning.
NO regrets!
The kids loved it and I needed to get out and just let everything else go for a while.

The park we went to had TONS of squirrels and they were so crazy!
They would chase each other, run right up to you and bounce around like they were thinking about whether to attack or not...cute by also a little disconcerting. *laugh*

You can see a little for yourself here..I snapped a few and caught them up close & personal-- bouncing about!

Kickin' up his heels...


I didn't want Matthew getting too close- but that was hard since they were charging at US!

Today has been ALL about work. Tomorrow is ALL about Spring Cleaning.
I keep saying it- but tomorrow it WILL happen.
I'd like to wake up without this stiff neck tomorrow too....that would be swell.


Christy said...

Awww - you're STILL battling a stiff neck?!?! Those are soooooo painful. Praying you get better ASAP!

Those squirrely shots are FANTASTICAL, S! Man, those Oregonian squirrels got guts! I remember going to the Oregon coast years ago, and the squirrels would come right up to us and eat peanuts from our hands. Too funny!

Love you! xoxo

'm' said...

some pretty cool shots there sweetie! bob's sanity? no offense T & A! see ya soon!xoxo