Gearing Up.

We had such a peaceful Saturday this past weekend...
Everyone slept in long, that morning- except me. I got up, took the dog out on our normal schedule/routine and then came in, made coffee and some scones. Carried my breakfast into the office, the dog following and curling up at my feet. Did some Bible Study, caught up on some blogs I love reading, caught up on Ebay stuff and then watched youtube episodes of Project Runway Canada. Lovely, quiet ME time.
I savored EVERY. LITTLE. MOMENT of it!

Everyone else woke at their leisure, meandered in for hugs/kisses and then went off to do their own thing for a while. Early afternoon we all came together and watched movies together ALL afternoon/evening. Four lazy bums giggling over silly lines and scenes... it was the best!

Of course, when I sit to watch a movie, I *CANNOT* just Sit And Watch A Movie! I need to be doing something else too. Thumbing through magazines, surfing the net on a laptop, scrapping (well. notsomuch anymore)--something. So while we watched movies I researched curriculum choices/prices for next year. Ended up with a concrete plan of attack and a list of things I need to carry with me to curriculum fairs that are quickly approaching. Felt good to knock that out! It had been looming on my TO DO list for quite some time...

Sunday was busy- as it most always is. Church in the morning. Teaching Sunday School. Making VBS plans with people. Then headed home for a few hours to eat, rest up before heading BACK for evening classes. Sundays stretch us a bit thin but God gives us the energy and patience we need and we're rewarded every week! Not that we're in it for reward, of course. But it's a reassurance that we're being obedient even when our hearts have twinges of selfishness, wanting another day of quiet and no commitments.

This week looks to be a busy one as well. School, test prep, work, house chores, AWANAS, errands and MUCH more along the way.

I'm feeling ready to take it on... afterall, I'm on my 3rd cup of STRONG coffee...

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Lindsey said...

Mmm. You should definitely post this recipe. These look delish.