Easter Weekend, pt1

It was a pretty blessed weekend for me.
Good Friday was spent flying around, getting ready for my sis' b-day party@Moms & readying the house for Papa and the nieces that were coming up to spend the night with Bob & the kidlets... and my mind was solely on getting everything done. Didn't start my day with my normal Bible Study or perhaps I would've been slapped with the reality of what the day SHOULD'VE been focused on...

It wasn't until I was in the car, driving to Moms, that I heard this song and I just felt this overwhelming surge of guilt and simultaneous thankfulness--for Jesus' grace & love for me. His sacrifice and faithfulness despite my repeated failures & years of indifference. And all that emotion- and the impact of the words- began to spill out of me and down my cheeks. I couldn't help it-- I was overwhelmed in that moment and couldn't sing my praises loud enough!

*not a huge fan of the video really- just wanted you to hear the words...
It was the perfect reflection time and words can't express the thankfulness & love I have for Him and His impact on my life.

The time with my Mom & sisters was great! We enjoyed delicious food, watched "13 Going on 30", chatted, snapped TONS of pics of my niece...it was so nice! Saturday we went to lunch, bumped into my best friend and visited for a minute with her- then we went thrifting. Afterward, I headed home.

Here are some pics from the first part of the weekend...


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i love that last picture of the sweets. yummy!!