Stiff,Unmotivated & Loving the Sunshine!

Today was lovely but a little marred with snippets of stress and the "blah's".
This last weekend FLEW by-- the kidlets had a ball! Josie was invited for a girls sleepover/birthday extravaganza and we borrowed the little girls brother to rescue him from the gaggle of girls. He's one of Matthew's best friends so there was NO complaining and MUCH relief on his part, I'm sure.

Friday night the boys went with Bob & Grandpa to a movie. While they were out, my bff came up for dinner and a movie! We devoured Thai food, and then had time to kill before a late show, so we got a coffee and poked around and then sat and gabbed for a while. We had the WEIRDEST thing happen at the theatre. My nose was pretty stuffed and I couldn't smell much but my bff started making funny faces and asked if I smelled smoke (during the movie!). Pretty soon a bunch of people were twisting around in their seats, looking around for the culprit. People started moving from their seats, to get away from the smell, but we couldn't tell where it was coming from. Theatre employees kept coming in as more and more people left to complain and return with yet MORE employees. We were all being watched as we *tried* to watch the movie. It was the oddest situation- esp. since they never found the person/people smoking. It was inconsiderate, annoying and disrupted the show quite a bit. BUT- it was still nice to spend the evening with Joc, regardless! I wasn't the best of company- I had a stiff neck and was more than a little tired. Went home and went straight to bed!

Saturday was spent hanging around the homefront- letting the boys do their own thing. But before we knew it- the day was over!

Sunday we had to peel the boys out of bed and get them ready for church. Headed south to church, taught Sunday school and came out to a "dead" car. Apparently the starter was out again (just had this issue less than 2 months ago). We had to push start the car to get going. Headed home for a few hours. Went downtown to a local pizza joint (delish!)for a bite to eat in MY car, ALSO in disrepair, I might add. It's ok for short jaunts around town but has a coolant leak and couldn't make the trip down to church. After a brief rest we had to push start the car AGAIN to get BACK down to church for evening classes. It threw a wrench in my plans to attend our monthly Homeschool Mom's coffee chat after class, and we had to get help to push-start to get HOME. NOT fun. And through all of the car issues- Bob was already experiencing a flare-up of back/neck pain and I had my yearly stiff neck (it's an annual expectation! sad but true!)...trying to maintain calm and have a decent attitude was a bit of a challenge. But at least it was 75 degrees and sunny out! It could've been worse--pouring rain for our push-starts! Glass half-full, right??!

I took pics while we were out for lunch on Sunday....the kidlets weren't enthused initially, but after some silly-talk from Dad, they perked up...briefly. Then they were over. it. Fun while it lasted....

Here's to hoping Tuesday finds us all nauseatingly cheerful, limber & ready to rock the day!


Kyle! said...


You are a very good writer!! =)
I saw that your Facebook status said that you updated your blog. So I got curious and went into your profile. Then I saw your blog under your "web pages," or whatever.

Your car story was interesting. How old is it?
So, I'm not sure if I'm helping with the kids next week. I haven't for a long time, and feel really bad about it. Mrs. Kittel talked to James and I about doing a skit thing soon. I'm excited for that!

I'll have to get around to reading the rest of your blogs. They sounds very interesting. but it's like midnight right now. Gonna go to bed. =)

Christy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the car sit...MAN, what a bummer! I'm praying for you guys.
Love the pics of the kiddos...natural beauties! Did Josie get her hair cut again? Looks SO cute!
Here's hopin' for a GREAT rest of the week! Love you!!! xoxo

Sue said...

Love the pics! :)

Sarah said...

Hey Kyle!
Thanks for visiting! The car is a '96 I think--overall a reliable one, but lately notsomuch. I appreciate your help in the Children's Ministry- your willingness is such a blessing! We'll take you whenever we can get you. :)