Morning, Noon & Night...

No matter the time of day, I'm always looking at everything and then taking a second glance through my camera lens. I'm loving my camera and trying to get comfortable with new settings. Definitely a work in progress after my handy-dandy Pentax point & shoot! It's a joy to capture everyday moments. I don't need elaborate lights. sets. tons of lenses (well. not YET, anyway!)... I revel in the stills of our home. Of my wee ones faces. My dog. The weather. Whatever. The simple things make me happy!

5 other things that make me happy...

* my morning devotion time w/coffee, Bible & mp3's
* a fridge full of food on payday
* the thrill of a frugal buy
* having a nice tan (bad, I know.)
* Throwdown with Bobby Flay on Food Network

there's many more, of course!
Share 5 happy things of your own... I'm looking for more posts from my lurkers! I see there are many of you.... I see you!!!! I'd be thrilled if you posted- even anonymously!


noon....some of my favorite colors! Yellow, orange, white & black!

AND night. No. Not really--it's another morning shot. The sugar bowl got left on the counter but I liked the pop of soft color against the texture and hues of brown.