Easter pt2

The rest of Easter weekend was great!

Saturday night, the four of us lounged lazily and the kids coo'd over all the pics of their little cousin..AND the food pics I took while at my Moms! :)

Sunday morning- we went to church. I taught Sunday School and was a little bummed I couldn't attend service with my family, but I quickly got over it. In our children's church, I had a little girl volunteer to pray for me and she thanked God for me being there, teaching her & the other kids about Jesus and that I was the "funnest teacher ever"...I was SO blessed at that moment. I teach the 4-6 year old group and we had 35 kids in our class alone!!!! Wowza! We average about 20 give or take- so it was a large group! I had two fantastic teen helpers ( I wish these two girls were in helping me EVERY week- they're wonderful!) and the kids were very attentive-- a big PLUS!
After church, we headed over to my in-laws for Easter dinner & an egg hunt. I snapped a TON of pics, but I'll spare you! *laugh*
Here's two favorites though...

Hope you all had a blessed Easter & remembered the TRUE reason for the celebration.


Christy said...

Sounds like you guys enjoyed a lovely Easter...I'm so glad! Gorgeous, absolutely GORGEOUS pics of the kiddos!!! Loves you! xoxo

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