So the other night, I was editing pics and watching CUPCAKE WARS with Josie. She decided she'd like to give me a makeover as I worked...because her latest future profession of choice is a makeup artist. She left for a few moments to collect her tools of the trade and sat down looking quite focused. She announched that this was going to be a Supermodel/Runway look and got down to business.

After a few minutes she sat back and chewed her lip, deep in thought. Scrutinizing or gauging progress. Turning my chin this way and that, she finally said (in the CAH-U-TEST, slightly wavery little girl voice trying to sound grown up) "Um..Mmmmkay. I think instead you're going to be a puppy!" I tried SO hard not to die laughing, I really did. Hilarious. Adorable. Priceless. And she wouldn't let me peek in a mirror at all. Nor would she let me see what products she was using.

Again, after a while, she sat back and pondered. Then announced " Wow, this is Halloween makeup I think. Really, really good Halloween makeup, Mom". I was thinking this was a pretty awesome puppy look if she was wanting to recreate it for Halloween! But still- she wouldn't let me see until she took a picture. She told me to look mean..so I growled & she snapped away. THEN she presented me with a mirror and this is what I saw....



Nightmare inducing, right?!

I must admit- she's got a way with the makeup. Right?!!!
After dying over the result, we snuck in and scared the hubster & Matt to pieces.
It was the MOST fun.



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that is sooooooooo FUNNY!!!!!!!! I almost peed my pants! LOL!