On The Brink...

Here we are, teetering on the edge of April and peeking into May... I cannot believe it!
Wasn't it JUST January?!

teetering between April & May

Our crazy Pacific Northwest weather is still going strong...heavy rains for a while, then the clouds part and the sun gloriously breaks through..then ducks its head behind cover again..only to reappear just before sunset, causing our landscape to glimmer and appear almost magically technicolor. It makes my heart swell!

Matthew is moving his arm with greater ease today..a huge change in only a day! Still horribly discolored but it's getting better everyday. SO relieved! With his continued pain & weakness only a day or so ago, I had a nagging thought that he might have torn a muscle..looks like we've averted that as well. Yessss!

I've been thinking about what plants I could place on our patio. It faces the West and gets quite warm from mid-afternoon to evening. I'm going to attempt some container gardening with tomatoes and zuchinni...not sure what else yet. Any suggestions based on the conditions I've given?? Input would be fabulous! I think a little bistro set would be nice out there as well..going to keep my eyes open for something cheap but with vintage appeal. And for Summer, I'm now obsessing over these curtains for the sliding doors...


Found the image online but it's not adequately expressing my vision! lol. I think with the view of the patio & plants there, these will look great and freshen things up! Haven't bought them yet but I think next time I'm at IKEA, they'll come home with me.

Not much else to report...QUITE the exciting post, isn't it?! I've been reading quite a bit lately- so perhaps I'll post the slew of recent books tomorrow for you. I'm certain you'll be drumming your fingers & sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting for it!

I'm off to bed.



kate said...

You will laugh- do you know how many times I have ALMOST bought those curtains at Ikea for my kitchen? They are so cheerful, I love them! Go for it!

"m" said...

Those are cute!
Race ya! lol (just kidding)