Where The Heart Is...

Do you spy the heart in the wood grain on our lovely, 13 year old IKEA table?!
Cool, yes? I think so anyway... the table is rickity and seen more than it's fair share of moves & incidents but it's still standing!

This is where we spend a good part of our school days- sitting together, learning, laughing (sometimes too much), eating, whining & bickering (sometimes too much), creating, encouraging one another, playing games.... when we're not curled up on the couch reading, we're at the table.

I leave jars of colored pencils, a tin of crayons and a jar of markers on the table - functional decor! It's encouraged the kids to be spontaneous in their creativity- which I LOVE.

where the heart is

This was taken on a pleasant Monday morning, with blueberry muffins & oj (and COFFEE!) before starting school.

I hope tomorrow is another pleasant, sunny Monday.... I could sure use another one!



kate said...

Love your "rickety" old table, love leaving art supplies out for the kids to create with, and love YOU! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the wood grain also. And the spiral rings too which indicates the tree's age! ΓΌ


endless.tears said...

You are really lucky to have your family , i think you are a wonderful mother, i liked your table i love your words more,,,