Arm Pain & Oregon Sunshine.

I found myself saying "Are you KIDDING me?!" several times today, while looking out the window. This morning the sun was shining- then suddenly the skies went dark and it POURED (and hailed) Alllllllllllll day long. Sometimes the sun would peek out between the clouds- while it poured. It was crazy. Not abnormal Oregon weather I suppose- but once we have a few sunny Spring days under our belt, it's a little sad to get this dreariness.

This weather causes me to turn sloth-like, craving sweatpants and cup after cup of hot coffee.


Those white specks are raindrops- I didn't photograph the hail. Yep. FAT Oregon raindrops. But look at all that GREEN! Our state is truly beautiful. I love it.


A little over a week ago, Matthew fell off his bike, directly onto his right arm. I've never seen him cry so hard or scream so loud. I was certain it was broken. He was white, shakey, his arm was swelling & he wouldn't let anybody touch it. Took him to the ER and they thought he broke it too- until they Xrayed it. They took several sets because they wanted to be sure, and sure enough- NO fractures to be found. I was surprised, the doctor was surprised, Matthew was surprised. The doctor said he had to have hit his arm as hard as he could have without breaking the bone and said it would slowly heal on its own. We're now at a little over a week out from the injury and this is what it looks like...


It's NASTY. The photo doesn't even accurately capture how dark and ugly the bruising is. It starts at his wrist and extends all the way up past his elbow. He's only beginning to use it again- writing, pecking at the keyboard, etc. He's had to miss several baseball games and practices and he's been VERY unhappy about that. BUT- it could've been worse. I sound like a broken record reiterating that to him, but it's true!

The last few weeks have been bumpy but I'm trying to remember that I need to keep my eyes on Jesus and He'll give me the strength, peace & patience that I need to get through ANYthing. Sometimes that's tough to truly accept and live out, but He hasn't failed me yet. Things are far from perfect & will continue to be (that's life!) but He's given me this life, this path, for purpose.


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Julee said...

You inspire me, daily! Reminds me of the Tim Hughes song.. "Christ in me, the hope of glory.. be my everything!" Brighter days are ahead, keep leaning and trusting!! xoxo I love you, friend!