Spring time drives...

On occasion we drive down to our old hometown to visit family, pick things up from storage,etc. It's about a 40 minute drive and we all take advantage of the time in various ways... being in awe of God's creation-- SUCH an abundance to see & admire in the Pacific NW! I try to keep my camera with me pretty much wherever I go- just in case something grabs at my heart. There's usually SOMEthing..even if it's spying one of my adorables in the backseat through the side mirror..just makes my heart swell.

i see u.

see what I mean about Pac NW beauty?!?! Sure, the persistent rain stinks sometimes but boy- when the sun comes out, it's GLORIOUS!

springtime drives=bleeted bliss

We occasionally grab a snack to chomp on the way down...

driving snack

and (be still my book-lovin' heart!) now this is an everyday occurance... they both LOVE reading and usually carry a book with them when we go anywhere. LOVE IT!!!

car time=reading time!

And then there's always this....if he's not reading, he's sacked out. Food, books, beautiful scenery, a little siesta---what a life!

passing the time


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