My own Wally Cleever.

my own wally cleaver.
Isn't he adorable? Such a sweet, sensitive, giving little man. My heart swells when I look at him and I can't believe how some weeks it seems each and every day he looks OLDER and acts OLDER. That's NOT. OK. Time needs to slow down so I can savor these new things for a while before he hits me with new ones. He makes us laugh. He is the first to volunteer to help out with any household chore or "can you do me a favor" and does so with a cheerful spirit. He's a tremendous blessing to this family. To me as a mother.

And the hair. Oh my goodness- he has the most thick, curly hair!! It grows at a ridiculous speed and becomes instantly unruly unless we douse him with a good smattering of gel & mousse & hairspray. He needs more styling products than his mother! Ok...maybe not quite THAT bad- but close. Everytime we take him to get his haircut they oooh and ahhh over the texture and curl...which embarasses him. lol.


Doesn't he look like Wally Cleaver??! The red robe is the clencher-- instant cute Cleaver appeal. And I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kinda way either....



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kate said...

I see it, I see it! He is such a cutie, but more importantly, such a sweetheart. We love him so.