Ready For A Challenge?!

First off... HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my family and friends!!

I pray this year brings you blessings and newfound appreciation for your life & who you are, what you have and WHO you have. We truly all are blessed beyond measure, we just often overlook it and don't take the time to realize and appreciate it all. So in 2007, take the time to do so!

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. It's rare that I declare them and then follow through. But I *DO* have intentions! And good ones at that! Above all, I just want to remind myself to continually be in the moment. To absorb my surroundings and keep my eyes open to what God has given to me each and every day. To remind myself that despite the chaos in this world, He gives me what I need, when I need it and it's up to me to recognize that. So that's the biggie. I already do this, I just need to be BETTER about it!

Second, I want to be more aware of the quality vs. quantity in my life. This goes for time spent with family and friends, activities that my children, husband and I all participate in seperately and together and how important they are for us as a family and as individuals, and just the in's and out's of everyday. This also applies to how I spend my money and what it goes for. Do I really NEED ____ just because it's the "IN" thing right now? Because of the label? Because I need to keep up with the Joneses type thing?? Am I spending to make myself temporarily happy or because it's something I've planned for, saved for, need?? Again, this is something I've already begun to work on and will continue to do so.

I love shopping- I do. I love the thrill of a good bargain. I'm a magazine FREAK and love seeing the latest/greatest in fashion and home design. Always have, probably always will. But I'm rethinking it's importance in who I am, what impact it has on me and my life and it's overall value. It definitely boosts my creative thinking process. So that's one automatic positive, but beyond that-- ???? I'm working on this! ;)

The third BIG thing I intend to change (or continue to work on) is becoming more physically fit. To be happy with my lifestyle choices and the role model I am for my children. Of course I'd be thrilled to continue toning up and losing more weight... definitely need to continue that. But it's not something I'm going to obsess about.

What are YOUR 2007 Resolutions/Intentions??

Here is just one reason my year of 2006 ended on such a happy note!!

LOVED having Christy and her fam up for Christmas break. LOVED it. We're doing some HEAVY pushing for them to move up here, but I've said all I'm gonna say. ok...one more time. MOVE UP HERE, C. NOW. Ok. I'm done. We were able to hang out, talk, laugh A LOT, go on a scenic driving excursion IN THE DARK (had to be there) and just an overall GREAT time. Can't wait to see her again this Summer!!! Love ya,C!

I'll post again this week to share more about the holiday, some photos, and just randomness!



Joy said...

have a blessed and happy new year to you and yours!!!!!

Court said...

just have to say ... ADORE YOU!
happy new year and now I didn't loose it and I am gonna use it. actually sending my mom to the post office in the morning!
yep i am -

hugs friend


Christy said...

Hee! First of all, you make me laugh, you do... I love you and I love this sweet pix of us! You are completely adorable S and so photogetic (hate you, lol!). CANNOT believe it's the only one we snapped from the entire trip but hey - at least we have one now, right? FINALLY! lol! And I'm workin' on that whole moving thing - BELIEVE ME, GIRL! lol! CANNOT WAIT!!! Loved seeing you so much this trip - I dug it the mostest! And secondly, where the heck have I been - you only have like a bazillion posts that I haven't read - obviously not on the computer, THAT'S where, lol. Sorry sweets... been super, super busy 'round here lately. Happy New Year to YOU my dear. Love your "intentions" - these are great ones. You already know mine... I'm adding one to my list though - teeth whitening! Yep, HOLY COW are my teeth ever so yellow - GROSS! lol! LOVE YOU!