I'm AIRBOURNE!!!!!!!!!

Two kids bogged down by nasty colds, sore throats and a husband who is starting to falter as well.... I'm popping AIRBOURNE every 3 hours as precaution...CANNOT. WILL NOT. Get. Sick. oy....
Hope YOU and your loved ones are healthy!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sarah
I found your blog thru Courtney's blog. She used to live here in s.oregon and was a scrapping buddy. When I saw your location, I just had to laugh at this small internet world of ours. I grew up in Sweet Home!! Anyway hope you are winning the battle of the cold and hope the kiddos conquer it quickly. - Brooke

Court said...


S - honey saying a "stay well" prayer for you! Everyone 'round here's been sick but me. they will all get better and I will go down I am sure. hugs hugs hugs
I've been doing the airbourne thing too but not every 3 hours - is that safe?!?!?! LOL


Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by, Brooke! Small world indeedy! Please stop by often and leave comments too!!!

Christy said...

Oh no - sorry to hear the fam is all sick girlie. Hope you can stay clear of it. Ken and Maddie were both sick last week. It's a miracle that I'm not (knock on wood, lol!). I've yet to try Airbourne - does it really work? Sending big, big hugs your way. :)