Just Stuff

Just posting random whatevers today.
Working from home again. WOOT! Lots to do but at least I'm HOME.

Got the kidlets to school, got the dishes done, straightened the living, dining rooms and kitchen. Just popping in here to say "Hey" before I get going on my workday.

Had to share THESE... So flippin' CUTE!!!

See the little gnome scene on the sole?!? How brilliantly adorable is THAT?! They're ONLY $110...sheesh.
How about these??

They're from Urban Outfitters. Super Cuteness...

Listening to KPDQ FM right now-- have been missing it the last few days since I haven't been commuting to work! Feels good to be spiritually fed while I work! My favorites are Bill Ritchie's BRAND NEW, Alistair Begg's TRUTH FOR LIFE (love his accent!), and James MacDonald's Walk In The Word . All three are SO right on! Lessons for daily life that are Biblically based and always speak to my heart. Take a listen sometime and see which you enjoy!

Ok- hiho,hiho- it's off to work I go!

Blessings to you!


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Christy said...

Those red pumps are ADORABLE! Gnome scene and all! And the b/w ones from Urban Outfitters are totally groovy too... love those! Haven't seen those yet. Fun post girlie... love ya!