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ONE Birthday party down!
We went to Caleb's party at Pizza King and got to hang out, let the kids play, eat pizza and it was pretty kicked back. Nice! The kids had fun- Caleb really liked his dino-themed gift and I got to hang out with Joc, so it was a nice beginning to our day!

NOW we have to go get dinner stuff for Josie's PreSchool teacher. She's had a knee replacement and our church is taking dinners out to her. It's her birthday as well this weekend, so I decided to take pizza, ice cream, brownies and balloons out to her for dinner tonite. Need to go get all that stuff and then get a gift for a birthday party we have TONITE.

On more of a FUN note for ME... got a swell package of goodies from my sweet girl Court whom I *may* get to see in March at CKC!!!!! I am BEYOND excited at the very idea of relinquishing my dorkdom from LAST years CKC...when I was too shy to march up to her and say "I know YOU!" lol. This year will be VERY different!! lol. I hope it pans out!

ALSO got my first SCRAPOLOGIE kit!!! Such great stuff!! Take a peek for yourself below! There are a couple kits I've been watching to see what they provide vs. what they charge,etc. and this kit club consistently gives fabulous product and ideas for a decent price. Plus the add on kits are AMAZING. They sell out fast but you can see why!

Can't wait to sit down and DO something with all the scrap-goodness I got in the post yesterday...Cannot WAIT.

The snow has partially melted off around here-- what's left has turned into ice. It's REALLy cold. As in permanent nose-dripping, teeth chattering cold. Granted, I'm a big WUSS when it comes to being cold but still. Snow was fun- now I'm ready for tank top/flip flop weather, thankyouverymuch.

Hope YOU are having a great weekend!



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Christy said...

Oooh! That kit is to DIE for girl! I'm SO jealous, lol! Have fun... can't wait to see what you make with it! Love ya! :)