So after all that whining last night, I wake up this morning to the hubster saying "There's fresh snow and now there's freezing rain falling!"...

....WOOHOOOOO!!!! insert giddy, slightly cynical laugh here...

Ahem. Ok. I'm fine now.
It was indeed very nasty weather today. FUHREEEZING cold and a slushy mess. The kidlets had a two hour delay so we all slept in a bit (sort of- the phone kept ringing) and then meandered to school. Afterward, I came home and got to work on a long list phoned in from my place of employment. LOVEly...but hey- I got to work from home so I cannot complain TOO much at all. I would be THRILLED to work from home EVERYday but that's not going to happen so...I'll take this whenever I can!!!

It's supposed to freeze again overnight and then thaw a little tomorrow. Is it wrong to hope the weather worsens a bit??

I'm buried in work stuff, Ebay stuff and school volunteer/art things but it's good busy-work. Consistent and fruitful. I decided to re-open my Ebay store and had to revise my name a little because someone took my original apparently. So I just call it JOSIE'S BOWTIQUE vs. the typical Boutique spelling. Not too bad. I changed my user name to that as well to tie in a little better. I've got a lot of stuff to unload and I'm aiming at a few listings minimum a night until it's all listed. I see these people..people I *know* that have Power Seller status and it just KILLS me!!! I want to be able to do that and STAY HOME! What could be better?! Shop*Sell*SAHM. Talk about a dream. And there are people doing it. Stay at home moms in my little ol' town are making $1000 a month selling stuff. I just wonder HOW. How much time must they devote to the process? How often do they shop? Do they have some secret to success? As you can tell, this is something I ponder and muse over often lately! lol. I have fun with Ebay and would TOTALLY love being able to succeed in a consistent income doing it.

I'm DYING to scrapbook. So much going on- but I really want to just sit and dabble. I have all these wonderful things in my art area and no time to sit and play. Sad. Something I need to change. Whenever I spend some time delving into creative things, I find I'm happier all around- I can take the rest of the punches life deals day-to-day a little better somehow.

Finished watching last season's 24 last night. Oh my. I thoroughly DESPISE that nasty ol' President Logan. For those of you who know wno I'm talking about: isn't he truly GROSS?!

His face- it seems all rubbery. He looks like someone who picks his nose and has to trim nose hair and ear hair on a regular basis to appear normal. Just NASTY. And that's just his appearance, we won't even go there about his character flaws. Oy.

Aaron Pierce=hero. Totally.

Mike Novick--that little man is growing on me. I really loathed him for a while.

It ended cliff-hanger style so we closed it with our typical "that's it?! *pause* I HATE THIS SHOW!!!" lol. But of course, we love it. I need to learn how to embroider or crochet though because I pick at my cuticles/nails until they're ugly little nubs. Well- they already ARE ugly little nubs so you can only imagine their current state. ick. Some say dishwater is bad for their nails. I say action movies.

Ok- enough already. Are you bored to tears yet? How about somthing I'm loving right now???

Well- if I had it in my hot little hands I'm SURE I'd love it anyway. This book looks REALLY fun! Going to see if my library can get ahold of it for me...

More tomorrow.



Kate said...

I am still watching last season's 24 on DVD, so don't reveal anything too juicy... and yes!-down with Logan. Definitely a nose picker. And probably a former hall monitor and bed wetter.
It is snowing and lovely up here. Hope you guys get another snow day. Woo-hoo!

Sarah said...

Awww- my sister just TOTALLY made my day posting! Love you,Kate!!xoxo