SnoW DaY!

I ♥ Snow Days!!!
They are few and far between for us here in the Pacific Northwest Valley, so todays Snow Day status has been savored ALL the live long day!!!

I know, I know-- you Mid-West/Easterners are either shaking your head or dying LAUGHING at the amount of snow you see on the ground above and the fact they've closed our schools because of it! lol. It *DOES* seem silly but I'm not complaining one little bit! It's been such a fun, relaxed day~ and perhaps if we had snow more frequently the days wouldn't feel so special.

Something about a Snow Day is so magical! Waking up to a dusting of white all over everything, the stillness and quiet in the air, being all cozy in a warm house~ watching as the snow falls outside. It's pure loveliness! Early this morning it was snowing when I took the puggy out and so I tuned the radio in to listen for school closures later on (it was 3am, I knew I had to wait a few hours for news!). Went back to bed and then got up around 7am to discover our school was indeed close. After a very quiet arm-pump "yesssss!", I snuck into the kids' rooms to be sure they were all snuggly in their beds and went BACK to bed myself! Ahhh....

Woke up very leisurely sometime later to the smell of the kidlets laughing and eggs and fried potatoes and onions cooking. YUM! The hubster stayed home from work today too- so we all enjoyed a great breakfast together, giant cups of coffee and cocoa...and stayed in our pj's until the kids couldn't stand it any longer and HAD to play outside! We layered and bundled and ventured out to have some fun. Threw snowballs * made a petite little snowman* marveled at footprints in fresh snow...and I'm just now realizing we didn't even attempt snow*angels. Granted, there wasn't much on the ground, but STILL!

Isn't it cute?? We made a little "scarf" out of foliage and the buttons are frozen mushrooms we found growing in the flower bed. lol. Little pebbles for eyes, and the classic (baby)carrot for a nose. I think it's the cutest thing ever!!

The rest of the day has been very relaxed and quiet. The sun has come out and is melting all the snow, so Robert will most likely go to work tomorrow. But the kids and I have a LONG weekend ahead of us!! The kidlets don't have school on Fridays, and with Monday being a holiday- we're settling in for a while! SOOOO nice!

I've been quite busy this week with work related junk. Eloquent, yes?? lol. And since Christmas I haven't felt like things in my life were "on track"...instead, feeling as though I have been grasping at everything but unable to connect and accomplish much. VERY frustrating to the control-freak in me. Luckily, I have a fantastic hubby who did a bit of housecleaning for me this week so that I'd have one less thing to contend with. So sweet and thoughful! I've been diligent this week in getting things DONE, start to finish, whenever possible. Dishes, laundry,etc. I've started back in on my Flylady Missions (http://www.flylady.net) and I also started creating a "Control" binder for us. Something to keep the family on track, a reference tool of sorts- for chores, bills, misc. stuff. It will be all in one binder. LOVE the idea of it- we'll see if I can make it work! I bought a cheapy binder for now- but if it proves effective, I'd like to put it in a nicer binder like this Russell+Hazel style!

I'll keep you posted on how things go with it!

Right now my mind is swirling with things that need to be done. Things I want to learn. try. to cross off my "TO DO" list. to cross off my ever-growing " I want to do/try/make ____" list. Oodles of stuff. Lots of creative stuff, but lots of house chores, decorating/revamp ideas. I need to sit down and just get it all on paper so I don't forget things. I hate when I have this GREAT idea and then I forget it for months (or forever.).

WEll--- I hope you've had a wonderful day yourself. I'm off to get the makings for homemade Nachos and a new scrap mag. Tonite we're going to watch another disc of "24" (the amount of gov't moles is SO annoying to me!!!!) after the kidlets go to bed. Before that- some Jenga or Cranium Conga with the kids, read some Charlottes Web.... good, yummy family stuff!!!


"m" said...

Love that adoreable snowman! How cute is that?! Sounds like you all had a great day! xxoo

Christy said...

Oh how fun S! I'm SO jealous, lol! We came home to 80 degree weather (I'm not kidding you)... talk about YUCK! It has since cooled off to the low 50's during the day and low to mid 40's at night so at least it feels somewhat like winter now, lol! Love the little snowman... so cute! I showed Maddie these pics and she said, "AWESOME - we should've stayed there for a couple more days." I couldn't have agreed more. :) Love you girlie and missing you TONS! Have a great weekend! C.