Holiday Recovery & Thanks

Ahhhhh.... it's all over for another year!

Our Christmas holiday was really nice this year-- enjoyed our family, good food, being spoiled by loved ones, playing games, peppermint mocha coffee, watching friends and family open the gifts we bought/made for them... LOVE that. It was really,really nice this year.

That being said. I'm glad to move on! lol. Despite the enjoyment, there was ALOT going on this year and we just were hustling to get here and there and shop, and see friends and family, etc.etc. It can take the overall feeling of joy and peace of the season right outta ya! But I attempted to stay in good spirits through it all..and succeeded. For the most part!! Ha!

Yesterday we were a family of lazy loungers. It felt SOOOO good! Stayed in pj's all day, let the kids play with their new toys, grazed on leftovers all day and just lazed about all day. It was wonderful!

Today is about getting back in the groove. Cleaning up the mess, catching up dishes and laundry. Also working from home today. Wish it was like this EVERY day but as far as a work schedule goes- I've got it pretty good right now, so I can't complain much!

Here's a few pics from the last few days... Hope you all had a blessed holiday as well!


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