So I did it!!!
I survived yet another joint birthday party for the kidlets...whew!
I currently have *ZERO* pictures to show for it because my batteries were dead. WHY oh WHY on these special occasions?!?!?!?! Because my head was in a million different places and not focused on ensuring I had new batteries. THAT's why! lol. ANYwho- it was great fun- the kids had a BLAST and were completely spoiled with presents from family and friends. I don't think they need presents for Christmas--they seriously had a massive HAUL! We had 27 kids there (including 2 babies) and maybe 18 parents off/on (we encouraged parental units to flee while the going was good! Quick dinner date or Christmas shopping-whatever!) So it was complete and utter pandemonium but fun just the same! I'll post some pics when I get some from my sister!

Tonite was the Christmas banquet at church and it was SO fun!!!!! LOVED it! Didn't have to hostess a table afterall this year- so I got to sit at a friends and just enjoy the evening. The food was wonderful (roasted turkey, roast beef, party potatoes, candied yams, green beans w/bacon & onion, salad, jello, rolls, etc. YUM.) Christmas carols, door prizes, fellowship and our own version of DEAL or NO DEAL. It was GREAT! So fun!! Can't wait for next years! I have a few pics but I'll upload those tomorrow. Also- Aunt Peg- if you're reading this- I felt like you were sitting at the table next to me because there was a woman that looked SO much like you- little mannerisms, bone structure, dark curly hair and ALL! SO weird! Even Robert noticed! So I thought of you throughout the evening! ;)

Love to All!

PS: TO DO list Update= Angel Costume found. Props for play are half done. Still looking for Christmas outfit for Matthew. Lights are strung up outside the house. Tree will be up and decorated on Wednesday. Field trip done and enjoyed! Birthday party a smashing success! I think I'm on a rollllllll..... coolness!


Christy said...

Happy, happy birthday Matthew and Josie! 27 kids??!! Holy cow girl, WHAT were you thinking?? lol! Not only are you going to be completely bald (lol) but YOU my friend are going to need a big ol' nap come tomorrow, lol! Bummer about the batteries... hurry and get those pics from your sis soon so we can see! Love you, C.

Court said...

oh girl dead battery! uggghhh oh well you were in the moment and I am sure it was wonderful. Journal about it! oh I hope today is the day I get on a roll. hugs!!! oh and I need you to email me your address. YES I DO!