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Wow! A second post in a matter of days! What is UP?!

Hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend! So far, I am- it's been great!

Yesterday I got up early, went to workout then came home, folded clothes- sipped on an eggnog latte and watched Thursday's GREYS (LOVE my good ol' DVR! With our schedule we work this baby to the MAX!). GREY'S was goooooood. Poor Georgie. Who knew he could be so cold and cutting! Sheesh! I hope he softens up soon because I'm beginning to dislike him... ANYwho. Got the kids fed and dressed and we headed out to do some shopping. We strolled Target for a while and the kids were complete ANGELS. Target or Ross and my kids-- it's like oil and water typically. But we went BOTH places and they were AMAZINGLY well behaved and dare I say- we ALL enjoyed poking around together. We took a lunch break and we all giggled at Matthew's determination to eat crunchy tacos while sporting a dangling loose tooth (we're talking dangling by a THREAD here, people. For a few days.). We left, him with tooth still intact (barely) and headed for Old Navy. I let the kids break open the gingerbread men PEEPS we bought at Target and Matthew started gasping in the back of the car...

"I don't have my tooth! My tooth is not on my front anymore! I don't have my tooth! I think I swallowed it..." insert child immediately beginning to dry heave upon this possibility. I calm him down a bit, and inspect- sure enough- the dangler is no longer there. We checked his mouth, we checked his lap...nowhere. We figure he MUST have swallowed it. He accepts this with disgust and goes to take a bite of his gingerPEEP and there it is- stuck in his PEEP. We laughed SOOOO hard- all three of us. I'm grinning like an idiot just writing about it- it was just so cute! A memory to treasure. Very cool. So my oldest is officially eligible for singing "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth". Can't BELIEVE that. Both permanent teeth are already growing in- his teeth come in amazingly fast!

So after the tooth incident- we went in to Old Navy and ran into my little sister, Anna! We chatted for a few minutes, Matthew showed off his tooflessness and we parted ways. Headed home and I packed up a birthday present for Austin's party, packed up my scrapbook stuff, got changed and once Robert got home- we headed out once again!

My nephew Austin turned 8 years old on Friday and had a pizza party at a placed called "Pizza Factory" here in town. The kids loved it because they have video games, a pool table, candy machines,etc.- so they run around like sugar-hyped freaks flicking quarters in machine after machine! lol. I left a bit early because I had a church scrapbook fest to attend that night too! OH MAN. It was SO fun!!! We hadn't gathered and scrapped in a LONG time and so we were all happy and feeling festive. We did a baked potato bar, desserts and had a gift exchange too. LOTS of fun! I got some scrappin' in- started a few presents... I was on a roll!!!!

Speaking of scrapping... I got a couple requests to see the haul I got from my CaliGirl , Christy. So here ya go. I'm LOVING all this stuff! The "S" and "F" letters are painted and I put them up in the house for fun decor. Love 'em!

And here's the layout that got lifted, Court. ;)

Here's what I got accomplished last night

This is what happens when you don't take a measuring stick to your paper and properly formulate how much room you'll need for your alpha stickers. doh! I left it because- well- it just grew on me, and now I kinda dig it.

I think I've scrapped this pic 4 times or so! lol. Just love it. Using up old scraps on this one.

Hey- what's NOT to love?! This gnome was a gift from my BFF Joc. LOVE, Adore, LOVE him. Speaking of love, this paper ("simply wonderful" from Cosmo Cricket ROCKS. I'm in love with all COSMO CRICKET right now. Utterly & Completely.

Heee!!! LOVED this shot of miss.T coppin' some 'tude...totally hilarious! I put a flower in her hand to make her seem more forgiving. j/k- I really just wanted to cover up the glaring "brass" doorknob in the pic! lol. My scanner chopped this off for some reason...

PLUS 2 gifts that aren't QUITE done yet for teachers. Yep. Feelin' mighty accomplished right about now. Until I get out of my chair and go look at the dishes in the sink and the laundry waiting to be washed, dried and (gasp) put away. ~le sigh~

Ok. Enough posting for now.
Does anyone even come here anymore, I wonder?!?!



Christy said...

YAY! So happy to see you posting girlie... been missing you TONS! Loved chatting with you a few weeks back! I was giddy with delight for days! DEFINITELY need to do more of THAT. Give Matthew a big hug and CONGRATS on losing his tooth! How exciting! I'll bet his gap looks adorable. Can't wait to see the page! :) Love, love, looove those lo's! WOW-WEE GIRL! You are on a roll. Seriously. You are one of my most favoritist scrappers EVER! CANNOT WAIT to see you in less than 2 weeks - HOLY COW - 2 WEEKS??!! Can you believe it? Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! xoxoxo, C.

autum said...

Hi Sarah. It sounds like you had a perfect Saturday, good for you!! The tooth story is priceless.
I love the Autum....n (since my name is spelled w/o an n)