We had a power outtage earlier- just for an hour or two. Long enough to realize that we're completely unprepared for such an event. ugh. I scrounged a few candles, one flashlight and a camp light eventually. Robert had drill tonite so the kids and I sat at the table and I read from Book #1 Meet Felicity (American Girls Series) to the kidlets while they colored. Then I thumbed through a new issue of IN STYLE (it came, Joc! Thanks Again girlie!! wink,wink) that had come in the mail and generally savored the coziness of the situation. The kiddos were a little freaked out by the noise outside (incredibley windy) but they had fun too. The worst is yet to come apparently. We got power back and the news states we're going to encounter a severe wind storm within the next hour or two. It's already been VERY blustery. Pepper did NOT enjoy his trips outside today- the wind nearly knocked him over! lol. Funny to watch...

Power is still on but flickery occasionally. Robert came home with some fast food for dinner and more candles so it's all placed strategically in case it goes out again. I'm in my pj's and robe and despite a stiff neck (slept wrong? stress? poor posture while entering hours of data entry the other night? probably a bit of all of that. LOVELY.) I'm comfy cozy.

Did anyone catch the finale of THE BIGGEST LOSER last night??? Oh. MY. WORRRRDDDDD. Those contestants completely transformed themselves!! Especially Eric. WOW. SO cool. Very inspiring! Can't wait for the next season! TOP CHEF was good too. Cannot believe a couple of them are still there...they just make for good tv and that is why they're still competing. ANYwho...

Better get my kids to bed and fold some laundry. blech.
BUT tomorrow I get to get up- go to the gym and then make some coffee in my new French press from Joc. YAY! Or should I say YUM! Then some house cleaning and running errands. That evening is the kids' Christmas program... I have a resident Angel and Joseph to get ready-- and I'm SO excited to see them perform.

Today was my day to teach art for the PreK/Kindergarten class. We made orange pomanders for the kids to give to their parents as presents. It went really well and they enjoyed making them-- so glad! Love finding projects that really "click" with them...makes all the difference!

Ok- I'm REALLY signing off now!

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joy madison said...

some how you never made it on my bloglines until now.....sorry about that! We are still without power!