We finished moving everything out of the old church today. It was odd to see it empty and realize that we'll never attend another service/program/school day there. But also a sense of moving forward in so many different ways as a church body! VERY exciting! While Robert and I helped (he helped lug the big stuff over to the new campus while I vaccuumed and scrubbed out cupboards in the kitchen) the kidlets were running around with friends- they got a nice playdate out of it and doughnuts and cheetos to boot! THEY had a BALL! lol.

Afterward, we headed home to tackle our rec room but we were a little frazzled and decided to put it off yet another day. ugh. NOT looking forward to it! The room is just a MESS right now. Boxes of stuff. Computers and parts tucked into corners. Church class stuff, Ebay inventory (BIG organizational task in and of itself.), Scrapbook/Crafty stuff, etc.etc. It's a jumble and it LOOKS it. We'll be spending tomorrow working on that after church. I'm anxious to see it DONE. This is where our homeschool area is going to be, but I can't envision any sort of set-up until it's all clean.

Robert grilled steak on kabobs for dinner tonite- with steamed cauliflower and broccoli. YUM. He makes the BEST BBQ...seriously. I'm SO lucky!! Now he's off with the kidlets catching an evening showing of the latest PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN. I stayed behind, as that's not my cup of tea. I'd rather get some Ebay listings under my belt and catch up on TIVO'd goodies!

I scrapped last night but I just wasn't feelin' it...don't know why. I just had a REALLY hard time getting going. I got two pages done. I'll take a pic of them tomorrow and post. I wasn't overly thrilled with either of them but they're done. I think my dabbling is so few and far between lately that I'm just "out of it". I cannot TELL you how much I HATE that. It's got to change!

So....I'm going to post a little tidbit of random eye candy everyday to get back into the routine of posting everyday and usually that motivates me to think of scrap pages and ideas begin to swirl- so maybe that will help. Plus my blog entries won't be so visually BORING!

Today I give you....
little bits of home.

I'm craving lots of visually AIRY & CLEAN stuff right now. I'm spying all the white in the house decor...and loving it. Thankful for white cupboards in my kitchen for the Summer light to bounce off of all day!

Tomorrow I teach Sunday School. Our little group is the "Turtle" group. They have divided the age groups/classes into animals that live in/by rivers or other bodies of water. The name of our church is THE RIVER CENTER- so they wanted something fun to tie in. I'm needing to begin giving our classroom some fun ZING to attract the kids. I'd say STIMULATE the kids but if you saw my class...my class of 4&5 year olds, averaging 16+ per Sunday...you'd KNOW that I AVOID that word!!! lol. But I want something FUN. That says "Come in here- there's SO many fun things to look at and do!"... so with the River/Turtle theme...can you give me some input here??? Give me "out there" but also keep in mind budget!

**HIT ME!**


Eminepala said...

I think I would decorate it in the river theme DUH LOL... A lot of turtles hanging around the walls etc. Painting the windows...

You can ask the children to help you.. Let them all paint a turtle and hang it in the room... Don't forget to decorate the door as well ;)

well, not an Unique idea but I really want to help LOL

Emine (sistv)

Tracy said...

How about a blue rug (water) with stuffed turtle pillows to sit on,blue streamers and paper turtles hanging from fishing line on the ceiling,check out oriental trading company they have lots of cool cheap classroom stuff-a lot of bible themed too.

Anonymous said...

I like the ideas given so far, but you could add a "mascot". Have some real turtles in the room in a cage or something. Build a cage in the corner of the room and maybe put one of those blue plastic mini pools in the corner with a little water in it and some things for the turtles to climb around in.