Oh. My.

This is SO hysterical! I *just* saw this on tv and almost spit coke all over myself! Had to share. Gotta love YouTube at times like this...And HOW many takes did it take to get that?! If I was that couple I would've been DYING laughing- trying to say those lines and maintain composure.

Pretty funny that I saw this for the first time after posting my last entry too...ironic!!


Christy said...

HA! That is FUNNY! Thanks for sharing this girlie... hadn't seen it yet. :)

Morgan said...

I love that commercial!

"Badonkadonk" is a household term now, lol!

Ronda P. said...

That is funny. I like the bondakadonk but!

Kate said...

I totally cracked up when I saw this too! So true! SO hilarious! Ok, gotta go finish my bucket of chicken... :)