I'm just the luckiest, most blessed Mom!! They both did a TREMENDOUS job at their program last night. TREMENDOUS. Before the program they were both quiet and ...focused. lol. My shy guy was a little more anxious because it's just not his favorite thing- crowds, attention on HIM. But he did a great job. And Josie- our performer. She was a little more reserved than usual, but she wasn't 100% herself after being sick.

Look how big they are...(sigh). Tomorrow is the last day of school- an awards program and bbq lunch! Should be alot of fun.

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Christy said...

Awww, they are just too cute for words! So glad Miss Josie was feeling well enough to go. Can't believe their last day of school is tomorrow... that crazy! Maddie still has 3 weeks left. I bet they are so excited for summer. Have fun tomorrow! Love you... ((hugs)). :)