Almost FRIDAY!

I ran errands this morning and then spent the rest of the day (noon to exactly 6:18pm) trying to regain control of the backyard! The grass is FULL of weeds (we rent and this yard obviously never got much attention prior to us living there) and it was all WAIST HIGH back there! Our weedwhacker was on the fritz so I borrowed my dads nifty new one that runs like a push mower! It was GREAT! I only have about 1/4 left to do (it's a pretty big stretch of yard!) but have to wait for dad to bring me some whip replacements-- I used up the first pair already. I cut the weeds down, then mowed high, then reset the mower lower and mowed AGAIN, then raked up rows of grass/weeds which I'll pick up tomorrow. My hands and arms were shaking (ain't THAT pathetic?!) as I was pulling off my shoes tonite. ugh. I'm sure I'll be hurtin' tomorrow. Oh well- it's all worth it! It's already looking SOOOO much better.

Tomorrow I'm going with Matthew's class on a field trip to Eugene, to a Science Center/Museum and a park. Should be alot of fun- especially being with my little man. I wanted to go to scope it out for our own field trips next year also.... so we'll see!

That's it for today...
Nothing amazing. Earth shattering. Exciting. ;)


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Christy said...

Dude. I hear that... this has been such a LONG week! Seriously counting the days till Friday. Hee!

You are so good. I would make the hubster mow the weeds. And it's not because I'm one of 'those' who believe there are certain "man/woman jobs"... I just HATE yardwork period! I swear, we did yardwork every stinkin' weekend when we were kids. "Guess what we're doing this weekend kids?... YAAAARRDWOOORRRK! Whoooooo!" Yeah, I'm just a tad bitter about it, can you tell? Lol! And no, you're not pathetic... my bod would be shaking for sho'. Just think how buff your arms are gonna be in a month's time. :)

Have I told you how much I'm totally digging Frugal Fashionista? It's the coolest... I LOVE it! It's perfect for someone like me who's fashion/style impaired *AND* who doesn't have a whole lotta moolah to spend on clothes. So thanks for that!

Okay, ending this now before I completely bore you to tears (as if I haven't already). Love ya... missing you tons... big, big hugs chickie! :)