try,try again!

Photo: Skye Hardwick/Work of Heart

Currently, a photographer I'm rather in awe of is hosting a giveaway of her photography workbook. I've been a fan of her work for some time now and seeing her pictures inspires me to continue pursuing my own dream. I don't want pictures that look EXACTLY like hers- then they would not be my own- but I would appreciate the insight from a fellow photographer; food for thought on something I'm passionate about! Skye Hardwick has had several giveaways and I've either been gone or wasn't able to participate for some other reason-- but this one.. I'm ALL over it! I've heard rave reviews of the workbook so I'm itching to have a copy of my own! The way to win this is posting it in your blog, tweet, etc.etc. sharing the info... Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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