Goodness, things are busy lately. But full of good things. God has been revealing SO many blessings- and though I still catch myself questioning "why" to some experiences- I know it's for good. I know He's using me...what a feeling!

School is going well (reminder to self: need to update homeschool blog). The kids are reading up a storm and continuing their studies on ancient Egypt, learning to use a thesauraus, write equations, etc.etc. They're both doing well!

Autumn is beautiful here in the Northwest- and it's as though I slightly forget every year until the season rolls around again. The trees GLOW with oranges and reds- against the bright green grasses- it's SO lovely! Droves of Canadian Geese have been flying overhead all day EVERY day, driving our pug crazy. He snorts and growls, trotting around the house, trying to find them.

Making the decision to dwell in an apartment for a while has been worth it. There have certainly been hassles and annoyances, but financially it was the best decision! We're beginning to see fruit from our sacrifices and it gives me such hope and peace to know we're being blessed for our steadfastness in this area of our lives. Yay for progress!!

We've been meeting new people and though it's hard to put yourself out there and be the "new girl", I've found I am met with warmth and enthusiasm- putting my anxiousness at ease. It's a comfort to see our children make new friends as well. I can handle the idea of not having many friends (though it appears that's a non-issue) myself- but it's so important for the kids to have a social connection outside the home, it was foremost on my mind. And we're seeing it happen...awesome stuff.

Shooting a lot but not as much as I'd like to. I try to carry my camera with me at all times so I don't miss anything. There have been a few times where I've stopped short in doing something around the house because the light was simply TOO good to miss out on! I'm toying with branding, business card ideas and the like right now too...

And that's a brief update, folksies.
I'll post something a bit more colorful soon!



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"m" said...

Glad you posted this picture. That area caught my eye the other day when I was visiting! So glad you guys are making new friends and doing so well. God blesses yielded, obedient hearts and lives!