Thinking back...

This same time of year, in 2005... it seems like so long ago!
A different house- but very much a home. Josie decided to give herself a haircut and sobbed for me to "put it back onnnnn!". A lovely homemade neck cozy from my mom that I just pulled out to wear again the other day. And sibling love...my goodness. These two have always been loving and kind toward one another for the most part; but looking at pictures from back then- I have SO many where they're hugging, looking at each other with love and admiration. It makes my heart spill over with joy when I realize that hasn't changed today.






heartchild said...

Oh my goodness that last one is too precious. I love the squished faces!

kate said...

Love them so much it hurts looking at these... in a good way.

Christy said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane...I can't believe how little Matthew and Josie look...man, time flies! xoxo