random love.

Lots of rambling thoughts, ideas, wishes and prayers swirling about in my brain.
Nothing is within my grasp as far as putting it into words, so I'll spare you from the attempt!
How about some things I'm loving?
I've got a habit of seeing something online and saying/thinking "Oooh! LOVE! Must save to share later!" and it sits in my computer...oh, forever. Also, I'm horrible at recording where said things were found online for reference..I must get better about that if I'm indeed to share them!
So forgive the lack of links for these but they're lovely all the same. Bits of visual eye candy- for me anyway...

LOVE this bicycle basket. I know this is one pic that's been sitting in my computer for a very long time. I see it mentioned on various blogs and drool all over again..it's perfection. Well- when it comes to a bicycle basket, it's perfection.

This ad from a cooking magazine. Love Stanley Tucci. Love the border collie- reminds me of our own childhood dog, Molly. And just the warmth of AUTUMN in this shot...yummy. Makes me want to hop up, go gather pumpkins and leaves, light candles all over the home, read, bake, cuddle under quilts, drink apple cider... It's got THAT kind of magical "it" for an ad campaign. Kudos to the person who schemed that one up. They earned their paycheck.

Below, a most adoreable little munchkin traipsing along in Amsterdam or Paris- can't recall which. This one was from a Euro kids fashion blog...just not sure which one off my mile-long list. Let's not dwell on that... dwell on the cuteness. It's abundant in just one little picture! The tiny piggytail, the coat (the COAT!!!), the boots.. the sweet little profile... You want to scoop her up and squeeze her to pieces.

I know these are from Urban Outfitters... totally diggin' these.

And that's that.
Perhaps my muddled collective currently doing twirls in my cranium will settle down into a nice, cohesive melody...until then... enjoy your day.

Thought for the day: Savor the moments. And think on your actions for today...you were a witness in some capacity. With that in mind, would you change something you did today??


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