G'Day Mate!
It's been longer than a week since I last posted... needed some recovery time!
I'm still feeling rather sloth-like but am bouncing back!

VBS is over. I survived my first year as Director!

It turned out quite well and we averaged about 134 kids each night!
Quite a nice turnout and despite a few hiccups, it was smooth sailing.

I was blessed with plenty of help this year (you can never have too many!)and not a bludger (Aussie for lazy!) among 'em! I'd prayed for certain sorts of personalities, so they could be placed in specific areas (registration, games, teachers)using their talents! HE did it!!! God rocked my socks off...seriously.

It was SO cool to be in the Worship Rally and see over 130 kids worshipping God and eager to learn about Him; and some eager to begin a relationship with Him. I was able to pray with a little girl who accepted Christ and I'll never forget it.

I had seasoned pro's in my team that were full of sage advice and encouragement and knew when to give it and when to just give me a hug or high five in the hallway. I had people who's hearts were burdened to be a part of our program and they gave every ounce of their energy to the kids. I had people helping who's children had long since grown and I had young teens who'd graduated to helper status since last year.

The focus of this year's VBS was that no matter what life throws your way- it ALL comes back to Jesus. We learned about Peter and his relationship with Jesus and the impact it had on him. About what it means to Follow Him. Worship Him and Live Through Him. And most importantly- we focused on our ABC's! The ABC's of becoming a Christian.

A- Admit. Admit to God that you're a sinner & repent (turn away)from your sins.
B- Believe. Believe that Jesus is God's Son and accept God's gift of forgiveness from sin.
C- Confess. Confess your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

I wish I could've captured pics of each and every helper and room- I only captured glimpses!
Here's some pics....not the best quality but I was running around like a crazy woman so we're lucky there are any at all! ;)
** click on the pics for a slightly bigger size!

above: As you enter the church, the Registration booths

above: a shot of the stage in our Worship Rally area

above: the right side of the stage, Worship Rally area

above: one of our amazing teachers & a rotation of our 3/4yr olds!

above: two of my awesome teen helpers.

above: Kids grabbin some tucka (food)at G'Day Cafe!

above: closeup of stage right, Worship Rally

above: stage left, Worship Rally

above: kids playing at Recreation Rock & one of our priceless helpers. Love her.

above: another shot of kids at G'Day Cafe

Hoo-Roo (Aussie for goodbye) Boomerang Express...
It was a crazy good trip through the Outback!


kate said...

Wow! Looks like it was an awesome experience. Great job putting things together sis!!

Christy said...

"WOW" is right! Congratulations on all your hard work, girlie...looks like it was a huge success! ;)
Loves you and misses you oodles and oodles! Can't wait to see you in less than a month (*wink*)! ;)