Which Way Do I Go?!

Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.


Running (cool shoes,right?!).

I've got a hankering for both.
Both "hankerings" could be viewed as ridiculous & grossly uncalled for...
Both could be viewed as GOOD for me.
Cookie in my tummy...(ala Cookie Monster, who, I've recently been told, now pushes veggies)
or the glorious feeling of tossing some after running 3 miles...hmmm.
I'm seeing some shifting of the scales...
Which way do I go?!
What would YOU pick?



heartchild said...

I can't have the cookies so I pick the shoes. It always come down to the shoes anyway, right? (They are cute too!)

kate said...

Go get those shoes! Cute! And grey! And there for you if you run the 3 miles, but equally wearable if you don't. You know how I feel about shoes...

Christy said...

Both! This way you can have your delectable cookies, THEN run off the calories afterwards! It's the best of both worlds! ;)

Julee said...

Can I pick running THENnnnn cookies? Love reading your blog, it always makes my day! :) Love you. xoxo

Anonymous said...