I had a fun evening with my Mom last night... we went to see Julie & Julia (LOVED it! If you haven't seen it yet, you must!) and had enough time just before to hit a thrift store and grab a bite to eat.

We don't get to do this often, so it was a treat!
After seeing the movie, I'm very curious about the book and am hoping to pick it up on my next trip to the library. Later, as I lay in bed, thinking about the movie-- recalling my favorite moments, I thought about Julia Child's personality and her passion for what she liked to do- EAT! Despite nervousness, she jumped in and sometimes had to "lump it" when things flopped and carry on with humor & determination. It was an affirmation to myself- to not let nerves swallow my dreams and making them a reality. To not let life's hiccups and personalities squelch the life out of me. To stay true to myself & what's important to me...and nourish it.

And speaking of inspiration... I'm beginning to crave crisp Fall weather. I have LOVED the hot Summer we've had, but I'm ready for the next beautiful season we get to experience. And with it come boots, scarves, hats.... and here are some pretty boots from Title9 Sportswear. Aren't they lovely? Paired with long skirts. Or shorter skirts and tights.... I love them.

A few weeks ago we discovered a brand new "croc-a-doodle" kit while thrifting. The kit included stencils, paint and washable markers. Both kids went for the free-hand method and had fun decorating their crocs. I was a bit disappointed in the quality but my littles enjoyed the mini art project. Not bad for 99 cents, I suppose!

Last week I spent a few days at my parents- watching over things while they were out of town. On my way out to their farm, I couldn't get over the moon. It rose so quickly and was HUGE!! I had to pull over on the highway and attempt to capture it. And the setting I spotted was PERFECT. I was going to try and take more pics out at my parents but by then, the moon had risen enough to not appear quite as remarkable..to my dismay.

I'm glad I followed my gut and pulled over on the highway.. I love this picture.

If you are not nervous about your passion,
you are not passionate about it.
~Chef Bobby Flay




kate said...

Beautiful shot sis! Love the intensity of the moon with the sleepy tones of the field and barn...

Christy said...

So glad you got to spend a fun evening out with your mama...I CANNOT WAIT to see that movie! Those boots...I LOVE! Problem is though, I can never seem to get those darn zippers up and over my fat calves! Do they have an extended calf line? Lol! Such a beautiful shot of the barn and the moon...I love the colors! Love ya! xoxo

"m" said...

Cool shot! Is that on 34?


heartchild said...

What a fun evening!

I have to tell ya, I have been enjoying your blog very much. Keep em' coming!

Anonymous said...