Sarah & Ryan

We were blessed to witness Sarah & Ryan's wedding last weekend. Sarah is essentially family to us. She's my brother-in-law's sister, and we typically see them at birthdays and other family get-togethers as well as a few July 4ths and such. She comes from a wonderful, loving family that we've grown to love and admire.

The wedding was beautiful-- the sun broke through the clouds literally RIGHT BEFORE the ceremony began, which made for an even more magical setting. The contrast of the cloud cover, the sun setting behind on the West and being surrounded by lush greens... gorgeous! The color scheme she chose was such a refreshing & eye-grabbing one! Chestnut brown with deep berry and oranges. The flower arrangements were striking and I was lucky enough to take a centerpiece home after the festivities!

We enjoyed the evening- following the ceremony there was dinner, dessert & dancing. Dinner was delicious- the cake was three levels & assortments- one layer of white cake, one of chocolate with chocolate ganache and the third was cheesecake with raspberrys. I was ALLLL over the cheesecake!

I found myself observing the wedding photographers as they worked. Curious to see their perspective, the moments they happened upon, their interaction with everyone. Plus, I saw everything with a fresh eye myself- which was great fun. It was a fairly intimate setting with tables close to one another, so I didn't feel free to roam and snap away- but I was able to take a few from our table that were respectable.

I'm still learning all about lighting and making necessary adjustments but the trial & error is exciting to me. I'm stretching and things are really beginning to CLICK.

...was that a most excellent pun or WHAT?!?!
Please appreciate it...

I'm looking forward to this coming weekend when another friend of our family will be married. Another opportunity to shoot without responsibility- purely out of love & for the fun of it.

Can't wait!!!

I'm thinking the bride & groom are pretty psyched that it's coming up so soon too...
So in a week or so- expect more wedding pics!

Congrats and many,many blessings to Sarah & Ryan- may you live and long and happy life together.



"m" said...

Beautiful. Love those colors, and am a sucker for asian lanterns. especially love the picture of the lady at the guest book/picture. And of course pix of our kiddos! Matthew is so handsome! And our little lady is so pretty in her pretty pink dress!

Christy said...

Love this post! As always, your photos are AMAZING...what an eye! xo, Christy