frugal tip

We love our foaming hand soap.

Bath & Body Works.
Dial Complete.
You name it- if it smells good and comes out of a foam dispenser-- chances are it'll be a hit around here.
I learned a new trick.
A FRUGAL new trick-- and typically, those are a hit around here too!

Take your favorite REGULAR handsoap/dishsoap and squirt several drops into an empty foam-style dispenser. Then fill the rest of the way with water, shake gently to mix and VOILA! For pennies, you have foaming hand soap!

Good thing for us, since we're going through hand soap like CUH-raaaaazzzzy. My little man has a nasty chest cold and I've been the nagging mother, hovering to make sure he washes his hands a bazillion times.

And because I *do* adore him..here's a couple pics of him and his cousins from July. They're ALL pretty adorable (and if he knew I kept saying adore, adorable,etc. in reference to him, he'd start gagging and sputtering- and not from the chest cold).