Gearing up for an Outback Adventure!

It is going to be a supremely busy week!

We're taking a railroad adventure through the Australian Outback Monday through Thursday!
It's the theme to our church VBS program this year!

Most everything is ready and in place...some last minute prep tomorrow but other than that- we're ready to roll!

I'll post pictures at the end of the week-- just wait until you see our set-up! My set decorating team did a FABULOUS job this year! I'm officially blown away and you will be too!

I'm excited at the prospect of blessing the children in our community and getting to share Christ with them for four nights in a row. Their enthusiasm and curiousity is contagious!

Check back Friday or Saturday, friends! And until then..just a couple sweet pics I'm currently adoring. Haven't had much time to edit pics lately but these are just a few from...June. Terrible, I know!


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see ya soon.xoxo