i'm liking this. a lot.

I read about some good TARGET deals late last night and this afternoon, after double-checking my coupon stash and ensuring I had the "facts" straight on how to use them-- I went to give it a go. I was fairly successful. Didn't get everything I wanted to but for what I paid..I did pretty good, I think!

You know how much razors cost...ridiculous expensive. And I *hate* spending wads of cash on stupid necessities like that! Don't you?? So in all these blogs, these women (I've yet to discover a coupon-clipping blog run by a mister- but if you find one, let me know! I'm curious!) have mentioned that they have these HUGE stockpiles of shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and RAZORS amongst many other things I'm envious of... So when I read on a way to score a few cheaply I took notes...

TARGET (my beloved) has Schick Quattro and Titanium, on sale for $6.99 each. Now when I went in, the sale price wasn't listed. The regular price of $8.99 was posted. I took one and scanned it- and lo and behold...$6.99. I then used one B1G1 coupon And one $4/1 coupon. Then they both had a $1/1 Schick Target peelie coupon stuck to the front of them= $0.99 out of my pocket. The kicker? If you purchased two razors you earned a $5 Target gift card, so essentially I got paid $4 to buy two razors! Suh-weet! The Softsoap handsoaps were 29 cents each after using one coupon each on them. The Irish Spring bodysoap were 50 cents each after using a coupon on each of them. The Electrasol FINISH tabs were $1 each after using a coupon on each.

Grand Total for all items: $5.15 out of pocket. ( but since I got a $5 gift card, I'm only out 15 cents!)

The cashier had fun ringing me up and looking at my final bill... always nice when the employee is equally excited at the savings!

And this??

That's just my 54 cent (after coupon)fancy-pants ice cream from Walmart last week... meant to be savored slowly with feet kicked up. Which is precisely what I did.


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"m" said...

You're doing so great at this!
I'm uber impressed!
Can I shave my legs at your house wednesday?