I'm going to miss Summer. A lot.

I've LOVED it and it will be gone all too soon.

Watching my water-babies in the pool. Wearing flip flops & sunglasses. Tank tops & shorts. Driving with the car windows and sunroof down. Sonic slushes. Grilling a LOT. Summer produce. Garage Sales. Camping & playing on the lake. Being TAN!

The smell of coconut EVERYTHING. Sunblock. Coffee Creamer. Bath & Body Spray.

The idea of living somewhere where it's warm all the time is appealing. QUITE appealing.

But I DO love living here.

Experiencing the change of the seasons. The weather is relatively mild and beautiful. Yes..there's beauty even on those rainy days...

I know that once Indian Summer passes, I'll be ready to don my scarves and cardigans again. Occasional galoshes.And then my boots and parkas. Occasional galoshes. Then galoshes for a few months. Then flip flops again. AND occasional galoshes. It IS Oregon, afterall!

As with everything.. each day and the weather it brings should be savored. Appreciated for what it is. The potential of what's to come. It is what we make it, isn't it?

Make certain you take this day and make the MOST of it. Rain or shine.

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"m" said...

cool post Sweetie!
'specially like your dandelion pic!
Fun summer format!