Clean Kids & Gorgeous Necklaces

Went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some school supplies, t.p. and soap.
I could spend a small fortune on school supplies---I *LOVE* them! They had crayons for 25cents, notebooks for 35cents, colored pencils for 50cents... so we stocked up a little.

I also had 2 coupons for Johnson & Johnson... $3 off 3 J&J items. So we stocked up on soap! At 97 cents each, I ended up with an 18 cent overage and the cashier was a bit perplexed with that. Apparently she doesn't have much experience with couponing yet either! But in the end she congratulated me on my deal and wagged her finger at the kids saying "scrub behind your ears!".

I got to have an evening out with my bff last night, which was perfectly lovely (as it most always is!!). Grabbed some coffee @ Starbucks, meandered at Target briefly, Saw a movie (The Proposal- pretty cute. Predictable, goofy, and exactly what I was in the mood for) and had dinner at a 24hr diner so we could sit and gab as long as our little hearts desired. I think we both needed it!!!

I discovered this Etsy shop quite a while ago and was going to share immediately then and forgot. RUBY SUE is tremendously talented and creates the most amazing pieces! This one has my name on it...rather literally! She names her creations and this one is called "Sarah So Sweet"... I'm in love. Click on the link above and go check out her other pieces.... each one is a work of art!


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