Don't you LOVE when you get a little package in the mail? Even a letter is a precious commodity these days. Everyone is so busy- it's become this charming, decadent thing to receive. It saddens me a bit. I used to write often. I was a GOOD letter writer. I loved to do it- and I loved receiving them. But it just doesn't happen anymore. Life moves so fast- you'll get an Email from me if you're lucky! I'd love to change that... but don't see it happening in the near future!

Josie received HER first package in the mail last week! I keep meaning to post about it- but like I said, life has been CUHRAAZY! So last week, we take a walk down to the post box and there's a package! Josie's first assumption: "Ebay stuff, Mama?" lol. When I showed her the box had her name on it- she gasped and held out her arms for it. She walked proudly back to the house- carefully carrying this (heavy for HER!)box. We opened it and read the card and she giggled and "awww'd" when she found out this was from Aunt "Piggy"(Peggy-she just say's it funny) in Kansas. ;) I took a couple pictures of her opening it- pulling things out...she was IN HEAVEN. She slowly pulled out things one by one and held them up to herself (all adorable clothes!) and sighed and said "it's BEAUUUUTIFULLLLL" a bazillion times! lol. Plus, I got a funky little tape measure and fall candle to boot! Nothing like a little mail love.... Thanks Aunt Peg!!!!!

She got SO spoiled with gorgeous clothes!!! Lots of stuff for this Winter, Spring and next year...she's SO excited! Definitely her mother's child (loves her mail and official clothes hoarder!)!! Gotta love THAT! ;)

Robert's first class at church was last night. He was a little nervous but he did SOOO great! I'm so proud of him for being brave enough to put himself out there on such a touchy subject! For those of you who don't know already- he's teaching a Creation vs. Evolution class. It's been on his heart for a long time and despite the fact he's a rather quiet person, he felt like God was calling him to do this class. He stepped out in faith and now he's blessing others. I can't tell you HOW COOL that is to witness. VERY,VERY proud and blessed to have such a Godly man as my husband.

This weekend should be busy... Friday is the PAC Dinner. Decorating first, then attending the benefit. Nice little date night with my hubby- supporting something we strongly believe in. The kidlets are excited because they get to hang with their cousins for a few hours and then ALL DAY the NEXT day too! Two of my nephews are going to come play with Josie on Saturday- all day/night. Matthew gets to go with his dad to an all day/night gaming event. Silly boys! I'm not sure- need to talk to my sister because there was talk of them coming down for the weekend too...which would be GREAT! We'll see if I can refrain from any tendon-ripping jumps from the couch this time (sheesh!). Lots of talking, laughing, cooing over a "new" baby nephew, catching HGTV and What Not To Wear whenever we can, and lots of thumbing through magazines....it's like a "tradition" for my sis and I. Couch potato time!!! Comfy loungewear, no makeup, ponytails, junkfood, coffee, mags, kids, fashion rags and tv shows... all GOOD THINGS (in moderation of course).

Sorry if I've bored you to tears.... trying to be good about posting SOMETHING now and then!!!!


Christy said...

Oooh yes! I LOVE me some mail love! Maddie totally digs it too! And she could care less who it's for (although it is an added bonus when it's for HER of course)... it could be me, her dad or whoever... she just loves to help rip that sucker open! And speaking of - I STILL need to get YOUR box shipped off to you. It's on my 'TO-DO' list, I swear! I'm seriously the biggest slacker EVER! Would've loved to have heard Bob's message about Creation vs. Evolution... I'll bet it was GOOD! I think it's so neat that he's doing that! Sounds like a fun-filled weekend you guys have planned! I'm SO jealous... I wanna thumb through magz and yack and coo over newborns and watch HGTV and eat junkfood with YOU! Sigh. Oh, it is SO ON in December girl - just you WAIT! :) Okay, I'm off to take a shower before this turns into a novel. Doh, think it already has, lol! I'll write soon (that's where that SLACKER part comes in again, lol)! LOVE YOU!!!

Sarah said...

I'm holding you to that December "commitment"!!! Cannot WAIT,C! ((hugs))~S

Christy said...

Hee! I'm seriously so giddy with joy about it, you don't even know! CANNOT WAIT... countin' the days till I get my Sarah fix! :)

Court said...

oh packages. so fun.
spending time with cousins. wish my sister lived close :(
hopefully I can make my mom and sis fall in love with Tenn when they come out. keep that in your prayers for me :)

I need to tell you something - and what a way to do it in a totally public comment box on your blog. LOL

But I am inspired by your love for christ. It honestly makes me want to return to church. to open my bible to do something to regain what is left of my spiritual life. I still pray daily, i still believe and trust in our lord. but i feel disconnected somewhat. thank you for the inspiration. please pray that I turn it into action :)


Sarah said...

Aww- thanks Court! That makes me feel SO good! I Emailed ya! ;)