Insert Witty Eye Catching Title here...cuz I can't think of one.

Ahhh. It's Friday! Wahoo!

Woke up after 8am this morning (insert heavenly choir angels here)- it was SO nice! The kidlets slept in too. VERY nice. Sat and ate breakfast with them and just enjoyed seeing all of us bundled in our robes sipping our hot cocoa/coffee and eating. Nice, quiet, cozy morning.

Put some laundry in, unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded- then decided to go down to the gym and take a Yoga class. There's free childcare there so that was nice- no last minute search for a sitter or having to NOT take the class. The class was FANTASTIC! I was curious if they'd have the heavy spiritual aspect and it wasn't like that at all. Just kept focused on breathing and going through the poses. Very,very cool class. Plus, it's new on the gym schedule so it was only me and one other woman- like a semi-private lesson! I think I'm going to take it every Friday. I feel really exhilirated and my muscles are tight. Forgot how good that feels!!

Came home, and got to work (telecommuting) for a while. Taking a break now to post!

Last night was nice too. First, Robert and I took the kids to their first Karate class. They are SO ALL OVER IT! Josie is a FAST learner. When she wants to learn something she's incredibley focused. Curious how far she'll take this! I like seeing Matthew enjoy something other than computer games and light saber duelling too! lol. Ate dinner, got the kiddos to bed and stayed up late- watched all my shows and SCRAPPED! Holy Moly- yes, it's true. I got two pages done in two hours. Not too shabby! UGLY BETTY was great- lovin' that show! And GREY'S ANATOMY was even BETTER! Oh man, I just LOVE that show. SO good.
SIX DEGREES is another-- just one right after the other. I'm addicted. And that's o.k. (what was that character's name on SNL that said that?! Stuart Smalley or something?? I totally see/hear it in my head!lol)

I stayed up WAY too late but it felt good all the same. Tonite the kids are spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa John. Robert and I are going to have a nice dinner and either catch a movie or just stay home and spend some quiet, quality time together. A spontaneous, much needed thing. Cannot wait.

Better get back to work! I'll leave you with photos of my crazy kung-fu kids... orrrrr NOT. BLOGGER is misbehaving. NOT COOL. Maybe later.


Jessica said...

I hate when blogger acts up...I can never get different colored fonts (grr).
Fun blog. I'll have to stop back by soon.

Christy said...

OH. MY. GOSH. You *actually* scrapped?? I think I'm going to keel over from a heart attack... it's about FREAKIN' time, lol! Can't wait to see! Good for you taking a Yoga class - that's HARD! I once - and I emphasize the word "once" - took a yoga/pilates class and just about died. Seriously hard schtuff. Keep up the good work girlie! You're motivating me to get back to it. I've been such a slacker ever since summer began. Wasn't UGLY BETTY good last night? Man, I haven't laughed that hard in a while! Looove that show - it's the best! Ken's totally hooked too. Enjoy your night of freedom! Hee! I could SO go for one of those right about now, lol! Love you... have a wonderful weekend!