Columbus Day!

The kids don't have school today- so I'm working from home. Slept in a little, had a cup of coffee and a pumpkin doughnut (kinda disappointed- it didn't taste like Pumpkin AT ALL)for breakfast. Emailed a few friends. Listened to an MP3 message on Brand New Radio. That guy can PREACH IT! I always glean so much from his messages. And since I've been teaching Sunday School for almost 2 months- I've been missing out on being "fed" myself. Thank goodness for mp3's and the internet! I have a few favorites (Email me or leave a comment if you'd like the links!)that usually always inspire and encourage me. The pastor at Brand New is a top fave. They're actually located in Washington I think.

This weekend was nice but busy! SO good to see my sister and little nephews. It was very loud and distracting while she was here (4 toddler/pre-K kids and 1 baby make for NOT SO SERENE surroundings!lol)but we still enjoyed the time. It went by really fast though. Kate, we're going to have to get a long weekend in at some point! Do a little shoppin', etc. Overall though- it was really nice. The day before was spent preparing for the Pregnancy Alternative Center Dinner. Picked up flowers, ran errands, then went to the location to decorate with two girlfriends. It was fun being able to work on this with two close friends! Guarenteed "girl" time while doing something cool for a great cause! The dinner was great (the food...not so much. It was done at a local college and their culinary dept. cooked and the meat was like..Beef SLUDGE. That's all I can say. SLUDGE is the only term that truly defines it. The fall vegetable spears were perfectly delightful, however. All 4 of them. Nuff said.). They had some girls speak who have benefited from PAC services,etc.and lovely live music all throughout.

Last night was our first College group meeting. I just have to say I am REALLY excited about this! We have a cool group of kids we're working with- and it's going to be a blessing all around. Last night was just a time to get to know them, talk about what we want for them, what THEY want out of it, etc. PLUS- we can take our kids to the meetings, events,etc. with no worries. The college set loves goofing around with them and they have two of their best friends there to play with too (the other couple working with us have a boy and girl in Matthew and Josie's class- it's perfect!)so they're entertained the whole time. VERY nice to not have to worry about a sitter all the time!!

Well- I better get back to work. bleh.
I've been wanting to sit and scrap a bit lately. Need some creative time. Maybe tonite...Here's to hopin'.

Have a great day, friends!!!

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Christy said...

Hiya girlie! Sounds like you had a nice a lil' weekend with your sis... well, all except for the loud, distracting surroundings due to the kiddos of course, lol! The new college ministry you guys are heading up sounds so exciting! And what lucky kids to have such young, hip, fun leaders like YOURselves! :) Yes, PA-LEEEEZZE do some scrappin' already, would ya? SHEESH! I'm missing those fab lo's of yers like CRAZY! So yeah, get to it! Go make one RIGHT this second and post, post, POST!!! :) Love ya! C.