Cold Indifference

It is COLD tonite! The temps are really changing quickly and we're running the heat already. Sparingly as possible, but being the wimp I am- I am either in sweats and socks chasing the kids around with their robes and slippers saying "Aren't you COLLLDDDD? Get some more clothes on!" ~or~ I'm huddled in front of the heater with a hot cup o' joe or tea! I cannot stand to be cold. HATE it. I'd rather be sweltering in 100+ degree heat than be cold. However, I love the change in season. The crisp, sunny days (when we get them- we've already had some nice downpour,hail days).. the frost on the grass in the early morning...The way the windows mist up, warm on the inside, freezing on the outside... The colorful leaves and pink cheeks on kids in fleece jackets... steaming hot coffee with pumpkin flavored creamer..just good, enjoyable moments of Fall.

Today I'm feeling blah. bleh. blah. ya know??
Just unmotivated, tired, achey ( I think it's from working out a bit too hard this week though) and just indifferent (get the title now??) about most everything. Housework? ummm. unh-uh. notgonnadoit. Extra tasks for work? er...maybe later. Dinner? takeout. maybe. i dunno. we'll see. Run Errands. uggggghhhhh. i don't wanna go out! Just want to be a homebody and do NOTHING. Zone. Cuddle with a blanket and just BE.
I hope I snap out of it because it's driving me crazy.

I did manage to drag my behind to the gym this morning. I thought it might help fix my mood but it didn't. I'm glad I went though- helped loosen up the stiffness and aches I've got going on! After the gym, we (the kidlets don't have school on Fridays) went home so I could shower,etc. and then we went to the Post Office to mail a few things. FINALLY got a box of stuff out to my girlfriend Christy...stuff that's been sitting around here for oh....over a YEAR, some of it! Aaacckkk! I'm TERRIBLE! It felt good to get that mailed! So be on the lookout girl- some silly, fun stuff headed your way! ;) After the Post Office the kidlets and I went thrifting but they were NOT into it- and frankly- neither was I. So we headed home and just worked on cleaning bedrooms and doing dishes. fun stuff.

I took the dog for a walk, thought that might clear my head- lift my spirits...Nope. And to top it off- I walked down to the mailbox and all we got was one piece of stinking junkmail. That's IT. So I moped back down the drive feeling even more melancholy. Silly? Yes. I know. Like I said- I hope it's gone tomorrow. It's truly pathetic and annoying.

How about some good things??? Ready for some o' dat yet??

To view some amazingly suhweet stuffies- check out this amazing blog..I think I've referred you there before in the past...because her stuff just BLOWS ME AWAY.http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/
Tell me those aren't adorable?! And the storyline and such...just inspires me. Inspires me to learn how to sew. Inspires me to use my creativity in a unique way (still trying to discover the unique part) that brings inspiration and happiness to others. It's just heartwarming goodness to me.

Watching Josie get excited over American Girl Doll magazines. These things just get looked at over and over until they're lovingly tattered and dog-eared and crumpled from being slept with. We just got a shiny new issue a few days ago and Josie has been toting it around EVERYWHERE. In the car, to the gym, to the Post Office...you name it- it's with her. Watching her look through it- without her noticing I'm watching- is a joy. She gazes so intently. Slowly taking in every little piece of every page. Oohing and sighing quietly over pretty things. Love it! I wish I could afford to buy her a doll from them but $102 JUST for a doll?!? Eeek! That's a bit much for me. At least right now... as much as I know she'd love one. I'll keep my eyes peeled at thrifts and pray I come across a gently loved one sometime.

Amish Friendship Bread starter... got it from a girlfriend a few weeks ago and we've been enjoying it. And passing it along. But now we've had our fill. I have two loaves in the freezer and don't even want to touch 'em. Tired of smelling the starter. Tired of smelling it baking. Tired of tasting it. Don't get me wrong- it's GOOD stuff! But I'm done until next year sometime probably! lol. I get burn out on bread starters rather easily I guess. I've given out ALOT though- because I kept twice the amount of starter for myself last time- so I had 8 bags to give away this last time, plus LOTS of bread for us.... So yeah. Good but we've had our fair share!

Still thinking lots about how I want to change our home. Got the itch but not the funds right now- so I'm just brainstorming like crazy to really get a concrete plan of attack so that once we've GOT the funds- it'll move along smoothly and quickly (I hope). I think it would be SO cool to get some shelves built on either side of the fireplace..to look like built-ins.
Of course BLOGGER is being twitchy and won't let me post any pics. Figures. I'll post a pic of our boring living room again soon. And some color swatches. Furniture ideas. Fun stuff like that... coming soon.

So readers... what is inspiring YOU lately? Inspiring your crafting? Your home decor? What gets your mind moving about these things?? Is it magazines you look through? Tv shows or movies? The change in seasons? Other blogs? Do tell!!

That's it for now. I'm going to try and scrap. create. just sit and stare at crafty goodness if nothing else. I've got plenty of yummy stuff just sitting here, begging to be used. Blast this stupid mood. I'm off to bust through it!!!!!! Wish me luck!

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Christy said...

Awww, I'm sorry to hear about the funk you're in girl. Don't beat yourself up about it. Unfortunately it happens to the best of us and the only thing we can do is wait it out I suppose. Oooh, and try eating some chocolate... that ALWAYS helps me. Sending big, big hugs your way. :) And what's this holding off to send goodies to your ol' pal from over a YEAR? Ha! You sound *just* like me, I love it! Glad to know I'm not the only one who procrastinates so. Hee! And I can totally relate to the itch to re-decorate. I want to as well and BAD! Starting with the girls' room. I've really been enjoying looking throug "BHG Kids Rooms" for inspiration. Have you looked there? Lots of great ideas for them. Also, PB has a few books out for ideas and inspiration for living spaces. Was thinking of checking on e-bay for them... or better yet, I wonder if the library would have them? I'll have to check. One of these days when we get some extra cash I plan on changing things up a bit. Until then I will dream and plan and compile lists and sketches so that when the time comes, I'll be ready! Oh boy, 'fraid this post is turning into another letter, lol! I'll write soon. Love you girlie and thinking of you DAILY! Happy weekend!