Retail Therapy...it's a Good Thing.

It's been a nice day! Got up, made the clan some whole wheat pancakes for breakfast and some strong coffee. YUM! Then got down to business on some joyous household chores- dishes, laundry, sweeping, swiffering, blah,blah,blah

Then I had a slew of Ebay stuff I'd pulled to take pics of so I can list like crazy this coming week. I am SO anxious to get rid of this inventory and pare down. So it felt good to be proactive- taking pics, making a pile of stuff to list. Already have a few listings going too.

Got cleaned up and headed to Albany to do some shopping. Had to get my kidlet a coat with a hood for the downpour days ahead, return some workout pants that didn't...work. out. heh,heh. me so hum-o-rousssss.
Exchanged my workout pants for another pair, an ADORABLE Harajuku Lovers Tee (Gwen Stefani's line--Japanese inspired, VERY cute stuff)

and a fun little hat for Fall. I had received a gift certificate from a friend as well- so I headed to the scrapbook store and had fun spending THAT... picked up some great paper on clearance, a set of inks I've been wanting, a ton of "undressed" Basic Grey chipboard letters (love that name!) and some more glue dots. Doesn't sound like much but it adds up fast!

Picked up some kettle korn outside Safeway tonite too. There was a guy out there, mixin' it up in his giant black cauldron and it smelled SOOO good! PLUS 100% of the proceeds was going to Breast Cancer- a cause close to home- so I grabbed a bag without hesitating! ;) YUM!!!! Moderation. Moderation. Moderation.

Need to get my kids to bed so I can play with my new scrap goodies!!

Busy day tomorrow starting around 6am. Meeting at church, then church, then lunch, then movie with mom, then home again, home again- to prep for the upcoming week!

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends!


Anonymous said...

ohhhh I want me some Harajuku Lovers Tee's. Love active weekends that leave the feeling of accomplishments. Hugs girl.


Christy said...

LOVE that shirt girlie... I'll bet you look completely adorable in it too! And hooray for productive weekends! I wish I had just a smidge of your ambition. My problem is that by the time the weekend rolls around I'm so burnt out that I just want to veg or be outdoors all day! Hee! Hugs girlie!